the fear of long words.

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ACTION SVEN and others.
old sketches and a couple recent things! BEWARE, there might be nipples beyond the cut. somewhere. not that any of you object.

ACTION SVEN is my new favrit thing. along with his default expression! B|

a quarter-page doodle that i added onto at random sometime between january and april of this year. entirely in pen!

ULDRID: HE IS EIGHT. also a minnface. hello, minn!

the sleeper, looking a lot younger than how i usually draw him. avec shoulder flora.

more of the same, looking... even more delicate than ever. i blame my having used a pen. i still like them as doodles c:

pelago and kertet, witch's sons! again, stupidly drawn with a pen, but not TOO bad. mostly i wanted to show how the two are size diff biffles; kertet is closer to the average size for their species at six-ten, while pelago is just tallish for the human population of their world at six-two (and a runt among sons, apparently). this sketch is probably way off, actually.

and selje'erke's 'royal bedwarmers', darling and sweetheart. or at least that's what he consistently calls them. she's from someplace in medieval india, and he's from elizabethan england. he's also never spoken a single word to anybody.

peasant sven, being his typical glum self. photoshop!

ULDRID, being... UNF. THIGHS. GEEZ. i mean, er, he's doing drills or something, i don't know. :B

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*chinhands* ALL SO WONDERFUL. ♥ Oh Uldrid your baby face is precious ALSO NICE THIGHS GROWN-UP ULDRID. =d

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